ASKI MBA Products
In line with its vision, mission, goals and Core Values and in accordance to the definition of microinsurance and microinsurance product, ASKI MBA offers life insurance for its members and their qualified dependents.

Applicants shall be charged a one-time THREE HUNDRED PESOS (PhP300) application fee in order to cover the expenses incurred in processing the application. This fee is not refundable, nor will it be included for purposes of determining the member's accumulated and refundable contributions.
Alalay Sa Kabuhayan Plan
As stated in its Internal Rules and Regulations, ASKI MBA shall pay the benefits of the Certificate of Membership to its member and his/her legal dependents in accordance with the following schedule (amounts in Philippine Pesos):
Alalay Sa Pamilya Plan
Following are the salient features of the Credit Life Insurance Plan (CLIP), as described in the Internal Rules and Regulations duly approved by the Insurance Commission:
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