Awarding of Claims
Mr. Ronaldo Joson of Brgy. Sta Ines, San Miguel, Bulacan is one of the active clients of ASKI for almost four years. For the fast record as an Askian, he has a good record and good manner in the community where he belongs. He is a good father of his two daughters and also a good husband of his wife, Dearly Joson. But one unexpected day, he got a cardiac arrest late in the evening of August 6, 2016 which eventually led to his death. Mrs. Joson was shocked because she didn't expect that her husband would pass away very soon. She also said that it was God's will and that she has to accept that and move on for the sake of her two daughters. August 10, 2016: Mrs. Joson received the benefit amounted to One Hundred Twenty Thousand Pesos (Ps 120,000.00) for her husband as a member of ASKI MBA Life Insurance. According to her, she will continue the business of her husband to be able to give the necessary needs of her two children for their education. She said, "I am very thankful to ASKI because this organization is really a great help for their clients in times of troubles anytime and anywhere.
Mrs. Hedeliza J. Lorenzo was an active client of Brgy. San Pablo, San Mariano, Isabela. She became a member of ASKI in January 16, 2012 under ASKI's Alalay sa Kabuhayan Program (AKP). However, last August 11, 2014 she was diagnosed with problems on her visions caused by a lump developed between her brain & the largest veins at the back of her right eye which gradually caused the irrecoverable lose of sight for both of her eyes. Because of her condition, Mrs. Lorenzo as ASKI MBA member was qualified for insurance benefits of Php. 120,000 Re Total & Permanent Disability under disability w/ dismemberment. The claims was awarded on Jan 29, 2015 at the Brgy. Community Center of San Pablo, San Mariano, Isabela. It was witnessed by the whole members of the Brgy. Council and ASKI clients from the said barangay. The awarding was led by Mr. Arnel Gamaru, the Branch Manager of Benito Soliven & Mrs. Betty Domingo, MBA coordinator of the branch. It was also attended by Mr. Franco B. Salvador, Area Coordinator of ASKI MBA - Isa. North & Cagayan province.
Mrs. Susana Lopez was an ASKI client of Tuguegarao North branch. She is a member of Alalay sa Kabuhayan Program (AKP) of Brgy. Annafunan East, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan. She is an active client and regularly pays her obligation exemplifying a very good repayment record since she joined ASKI in March 11, 2012. August 08, 2015 was a very tragic day for her family because her beloved husband Mr. Arnold Lopez suddenly died due to Cardio Vascular Arrest. Being a responsible member of ASKI MBA, Mrs. Lopez was entitled to receive an insurance benefits amounting to Php. 20,000 for the dead of her legal spouse. Mrs. Lopez wasn't able hide her joy for the benefits that they received and vowed to continue her active membership to ASKI & ASKI MBA. The awarding of Claims was spearheaded by Mr. Rodolfo Macapia, the branch manager of Tuguegarao North. It was also attended by Mrs. Eleonor Narag, the branch MBA coordinator. Mr. Franco B. Salvador, ASKI MBA Area Coordinator for Isabela North & Cagayan witnessed the awarding of benefits.
Mrs. Arsenia Agustin is one of the pioneer client of ASKI in Brgy. Magsaysay, Naguilian, Isabela. She has been an active member of Alalay sa Kabuhayan Program (AKP) of ASKI since February 10, 2011 until the present . She is a kind and loving mother & wife. However, last June 11, 2015, her youngest child Roel involved in a tragic motorcycle accident which caused his timely death . The family was greatly devastated especially Mrs. Arsenia. Being a good member of ASKI MBA, she was awarde with Php. 10,000 as insurance benefit for the death of her son. The claims was awarded on June 19, 2015 at ASKI Ilagan Office, Ilagan City, Isabela. The awarding of claims was spearheaded by Mr. Virgilio Articulo Jr, branch manager of Ilagan branch. Also present were Mr. Roque Saldivar, Project Officer of Mrs. Arsenia & Mr. Christoper Saclolo, Project Unit Supervisor. The claims awarding was also witnessed by Mr. Franco B. Salvador, the MBA Area Coordinator for Isabela North & Cagayan province area.
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