The Board of Trustees of the ASKI Mutual Benefit Association Inc. shall consist of seven (7) members, two (2) of which shall be appointed by ASKI and five (5) of which shall be elected from the active members with existing loans of good standing funded by Alalay sa Kaunlaran, (ASKI) Inc.

ASKI MBA allows the members, the clients themselves, to own and manage the MBA. With the MBA, each client has a chance to become an MBA Coordinator or a member of the ASKI MBA Board of Trustees.

As members of the board they are provided for with trainings on leadership and governance and exposure trips on microinsurance operations. Part of their training is the presence of two representatives from the ASKI Board and management in the ASKI MBA Board; two seats are allotted for ASKI. In this way, as board members, these clients are equipped and can now participate in the policy and decision-making of their own mutual benefit association. With ASKI MBA, they can now contribute something to the community by ensuring a well-managed and client-sensitive microinsurance program. Thus, we can say that ASKI MBA truly is a venue to empower the poor.
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